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🥇Advanced Hair Removal Course 🎓 Master Esthetics Career


$ 1575


60 Hours

About the Course

Advanced Hair Removal Course from California Advanced Esthetics

This course provides Master training on techniques for the face, body and intimate (male and female) hair removal.

Our comprehensive training program has been designed to keep you ahead of the competition and at the very top of the professional mastery. Instruction focuses on using advanced techniques to improve your skills and provide a fast, easy and painless service for your clients, insuring additional revenue and expanding client base.



  1. Safety and Disinfection;

  2. Advanced Facial Waxing;

  3. The Side of the Face;

  4. Soft Wax;

  5. Materials and Implements;

  6. Post-Procedure;

  7. Eyebrows;

  8. Ears/Nose;

  9. Speed Waxing and Body Techniques;

  10. Bikini Variations (American, French);

  11. Contraindications for Waxing;

  12. The Art of Brow Design;

  13. Full Body Waxing;

  14. Hard Wax;

  15. Preparation and Procedure;

  16. Advanced Male Waxing;

  17. Back/Chest;

  18. Clean Up and Disinfection;

  19. Advanced Hair Removal.

* for licensed estheticians and cosmetologists as well as students enrolled in other beauty schools

Your Instructor

Summer Young

Summer Young

Educator. Master Esthetician.

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