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Crash Course For Licensed Cosmetologists

Updated: 6 days ago

As a licensed cosmetologist, you already have a wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry. However, have you considered expanding your skillset to include esthetic services? California Advanced Esthetics has developed a Crash Esthetic Course specifically for licensed cosmetologists looking to elevate their skills and services.

This four-week course has been designed with cosmetologists' best interests in mind. Not only will you gain valuable esthetic skills, but you'll also have the opportunity to up-sell your services and increase your revenue value.

By learning the art of esthetics, you'll become an expert in creating the ultimate client experience in all beauty environments. Whether you work in a spa, salon, or freelance, the skills you gain in this course will be an invaluable addition to your repertoire.

The Crash Esthetic Course covers a range of topics, including Clinical Esthetics, Microdermabrasion, Aging, and Photo Damaged Skin, and the Science of Acne. Each module is taught by experienced estheticians who will guide you through the intricacies of the esthetic field.



  1. History of Medical Esthetics/Client Records and Documentation

  2. Client Confidentiality- HIPPA

  3. Advanced Skin Analysis

  4. Health & Safety/Disinfection & Sanitations

  5. Building Business Skills

  6. Follow Advanced Protocols and Technique

  7. Skin Histology Diseases and Disorders in Depth

  8. Skin Physiology and Functions in Depth

  9. Primary Layers of the Skin

  10. Review of the Blood Vessels and Nerves of the Face

  11. Review of the Immune System in Skin Care

  12. The Role of Fitzpatrick Scale

  13. The Importance and Study of Fitzpatrick in Skin Care

  14. Reaction to the Sun Exposure

  15. The Recognition of the Skin Type and Skin Condition

  1. The History of Microdermabrasion

  2. Different Types of Devices (Aluminum, Sodium Dioxide Crystals and Diamond Head Attachment)

  3. Pre Procedure Regiment Prior to a Treatment

  4. Contraindication in Microdermabrasion

  5. Learning and Practicing Techniques in Microdermabrasion

  6. Aging and Sun-damaged Skin

  7. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  8. Stretch Marks

  9. Altered Pigmentation

  10. Acne and Some Types of Acne Scarring

  11. The Art of Facials with Microdermabrasion

  12. Practical Procedure of the Treatment

  13. Client Education and Wellness

  14. Home Regiments



  1. Aging Skin Analysis in Depth

  2. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Categories of Aging

  3. Inflammation / Sun Damaged Skin

  4. Free Radicals

  5. Age Prevention in Skin Care

  6. The Science of Cellular Water

  7. The Dermis

  8. The Skin Barrier Function

  9. Internal Solutions

  10. Connective Tissue

  11. Vitamins and Minerals

  12. Peptides and Antioxidants

  13. Inclusive Health as a Solution

  14. The Immune System

  15. Nutrition and Health

  16. Emotional & Cultural Stress in Skin

  17. Treatment to Prevent Aging

  1. Causes of Acne

  2. Ethnic Skin Acne

  3. Folliculitis

  4. Altered Keratinization

  5. Lipid Abnormalities

  6. Bacterial Action

  7. Hormones

  8. Drug - Induced Acne

  9. Acne Conglobata

  10. Acne Rosacea

  11. Acne Flare-Ups

  12. Acne Vulgaris

  13. Acne Scaring / Hyper pigmentation

  14. Treatment of Acne

  15. Contraindications for Acne Treatments

  16. The Role of Hydration and Sunscreen

  17. The Importance of Home Regiment

  18. Life Style and Diet

  19. Practical Procedure

  20. The Optimal Results in Acne Treatment

The course also offers a flexible schedule to cater to busy cosmetologists who may have other commitments. You can choose to attend classes during the day or evening, making it easier for you to fit the course into your schedule.

Investing in your education is an investment in your future, and the Crash Esthetic Course for Licensed Cosmetologists is an excellent way to take your career to the next level. By expanding your skillset and knowledge, you'll not only enhance your career but also provide an exceptional client experience.

In conclusion, California Advanced Esthetics developed a Crash Esthetic Course for Licensed Cosmetologists. This course is a gateway to becoming an expert in esthetics and the ultimate client experience in all beauty environments. The course is flexible, covering clinical esthetics, microdermabrasion, aging and photo-damaged skin, and the science of acne. Take advantage of this opportunity to up-sell your services, increase your revenue value, and elevate your career as a cosmetologist.


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