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Advanced Lash Extention

Training - Russian Volume

Advanced Lash Extention Training - Russian Volume


5 days       

$1,575 (kit included)


This is an advanced extensive Russian Volume Lash hands-on course training for experienced Lash artists who have mastered classic lashes.

Learn the art of attaching multiple eyelash extensions to a single natural eyelash, customizing designs to different eye shapes, and blending various techniques and lash types to create depth, volume, texture, and lift. 

Lash Kit Included:

  • Training Manual

  • Nano Mister

  • Multi-length Tray

  • Adhesive

  • 2 Tweezers

  • Tape

  • Jade Stone

  • Pre-treatment

  • Remover

  • Mascara Wands

  • Micro Swabs

  • 10 Gel Pads

  • Lash Palette

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